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Good Boy Rags

Rags is a special puppy who likes to find things and has a lot of adventures. You can go with him on his adventures as he learns about the world. Can you find all the hidden things that Rags searches out? Rags loves his walks in the Bluebell wood where he meets his doggy friends. Rags loves to sniff and find. You can see what Rags finds on his walk.


For parents, this book focuses on supporting important elements of speech development for pre-school children. This book helps pre-school children to understand aspects such as ON, UNDER, BESIDE, and BEHIND. Parents can develop these important elements through simply reading together.


This book also addresses pre-school emotional development by showing pictures of Rags learning to deal with what seems like a scary world. The guardian who looks after Rags shows how to help and praise Rags at every step. What can work for a little puppy can also work for little people too!

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Casebook: Life and Times of a Health Visitor

Everyone experiences struggles and challenges at some point in life. In the UK, if you have children under 5 years of age, you have the opportunity of support from a highly trained health professional called a health visitor. This often misunderstood role involves helping families to improve their health and navigate the hurdles of life. 


The emotional mountain of daily struggles can be overwhelming for young families. The health visiting service offers a metaphorical hand to hold alongside practical help and advice to enable parents to climb life’s emotional mountains.


To regard health as something that can be created, maintained and improved is the mission of the health visiting service. Viewing prevention of ill-health has always been seen as imperative, by the service, as it cares for families and communities. Encouraging families to share this vision and accept support for their needs is the aim of this wonderful health promoting role. Through case study this book offers insight into how the health visitor manages to create health and prevent ill-health with some surprising results.


Managing the stepping stones to good health and avoiding the pitfalls of poor mental and psychological health often means accepting the helping hand offered by the health visitor. This book lifts the veil on the largely hidden work of this unsung, health professional. In this book you will find that the role of the health visitor is so much more complex than their famed job of ‘just weighing babies’.

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Out end of April 
Rags has an adventure with his friend Shadow

Rags is a young Bedlington Terrier who loves exploring nature and going on fun adventures. In this tale, you can join Rags and his wise, elder dog friend Shadow on a big adventure in the Bluebell Woods.


As Rags goes for his daily walk, he discovers the wonders of the woods - spotting wildlife like a hawk and deer, as well as helping a gentleman in need. Rags must pay close attention to his guardian’s commands and stick close on his leash, just as children should hold a parent’s hand.


Through vivid illustrations and charming storytelling, Rags models good behaviour for young readers. The book encourages appreciation of nature, rain, or shine. You never know what surprises might be in store when you go exploring! With helpful life lessons about safety, listening skills and the magic of the outdoors, this is a delightful tale for parents and children to treasure. Happy walking from Rags and his guardian!

Shadow to the rescue.


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