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Who could ever have thought that I could possibly get my very own page on this webbie thing!!!

Hurray!  Now you can all see the world from my viewpoint and let me tell you I believe it is much more interesting than the two-legged world.


All about me! Well! that’s my brief for this page! Hmm! What can I say. Well!

As you know I am a dog. I believe I am a lovely dog. I have no idea what colour I am – I believe I am a sort of shade of gray. Us dogs, we don’t go in much for colour! I have very dark eyes and I do go in for quite a lot of staring. The world is a very interesting place after all. I do listen in to what people say about me. That makes me quite a well-informed dog on many aspects of life.

I hear on my family grapevine that I am a Bedlington terrier, whatever that means! Sorry! Again! – no idea on that one! My grannie was something else in the dog world; so, I have quite long legs and I can really run. I’ve done a bit of running off in my time. I just can’t help myself – it’s genetic! ‘Get that dog on a lead,’ is the refrain in my two-legged friends world. Guess what, I don’t mind! I run like mad in my garden, it’s my favourite thing. Well one of my favourite things.

Most folk that I meet can’t get over my lovely ears. They are soft and dangly like earrings with a sort of frilly edge. It’s all my own fashion - I like to think. Actually, I am quite soft all over really, except when I meet cats. I mean what can I say about that! I am a natural hunter and there we are!

The Bedlington Terrier started in a place called Bedlington in England – I’ve never been, have you? Imagine to think that I am descended from a very long line of dogs of speed and endurance. Can you believe that my doggy ancestors did some of their best work for poachers. How great is that! Not a choosy breed us Bedlingtons, apparently when we weren’t poaching from the gentry, we switched sides and we were ratting for the gentry. Ha! Ha! Or woof woof – us Bedlington terriers were the gamekeeper and the poacher on alternate days.

In the 1900’s my doggy breed started to get interesting haircuts that made us look a bit lamb-like. By then we were considered great companion dogs. My two-legged friends can vouch for my excellence in the companion department. More on that much later. I think that’s all for now; someone with two legs has mentioned a walk! Jolly good idea I say! Woof Woof! I do hope you get into the positive habit of reading my ‘Thoughts from Rags’ on my very own page. Until next time; woof woof and a gentle grrr. grrr. from Rags; I’m always on guard after all.


I really liked all those daffodils in the park. I can see yellow really clearly, and those daffodils smelled lovely. I know, I know, dangerous for dogs, of course I didn’t eat them. I’m no fool you know, it was always my plan to pee on them! A lot! Lovely! Bye Bye Daffodils! See you next year! Now about this new lovely grass…I must try to eat as much as possible.


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